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In the early 1970s our family-owned business, the Rocket Oil Company, opened our first store in Madisonville – the first link in our Ideal chain. Turn around twice and it’s 40 years later, with over 20 stores (and counting!) throughout midwest Kentucky communities.

Our mission has remained the same through all these years – to be the best market in town run by the best people in town. At the risk of sounding cheesy, our goal is to continually be a… well… “ideal market.”

That’s why we offer premium Marathon gas – the best of the best – fueling your car and your day.

From our bright, clean and safe store set-up to our friendly team members and top-tier fuels, every aspect of our store is geared toward that simple goal of being the best in town Stop in, we’re excited to meet you. We think we’re ideal, and we hope you agree.

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